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Global Coat is committed to providing our clients with solutions that are driven by quality, return to service, innovation, and years of on-site industry experience.



Global Coat is a solutions based industrial coating company that provides application services for corrosion/erosion prevention and containment to a wide range of industries such as: Tank Lining/Coating, Building Construction, Water/Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Mining, Marine, Agriculture, Security/Defense, Petrochemical and Automotive.


Our primary product line is POLYUREA, which is an organic polymer compound that is sprayed on. Many people are familiar with the product from one of the early, and most widely used applications, which is truck bed liners.


While, bed liners are the most recognizable form of POLYUREA, there have been many advances in the chemical components and application process, which have made for a stronger product designed for harsh environments both on and offshore as well as chemical resistance.





Our mission to to protect our clients valuable physical and mechanical assets.  We will use both traditional and innovative coatings and application techniques to accomplish this goal.  We commit to be at the forefront of development of material, automation, and processes to provide quality, speed and efficiency for our partners. 


We endeavor to enter every call, site visit and meeting with an open and clear mind to hear and thoroughly evaluate our clients needs or problems.  Then, and only then, do we devise a plan and develop the best coating system.  We will always focus on being the best solutions based coating company globally. 


From applicators to executives we will participate in continuous learning by: attending trade shows, membership in trade associations, creating steering and development teams with key partners at the highest levels, merging and acquiring when appropriate to create a full vertically integrated physical asset protection